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Welcome to Seasons Organics

Stephanie Torba, a holistic nutritional therapist and fitness professional, created Seasons Organics. The first item in our skin care line, the Buttercream Blend, was made with her infant daughter's health in mind.  After reading labels on skin care products, she discovered that they contained chemicals such as questionable preservatives, emulsifiers and mayserious synthetic fragrances.  Stephanie decided that she would try to develop a pure, fresh moisturizer for her daughter's skin that might also calm her during fussy periods.  She spent many hours researching and formulating a blend that had the appropriate ingredients for her child. 


As Stephanie shared her cream with others as gifts, they would ask for more. She realized that her wholesome cream filled a gap in the skin care market and would also make a great addition to what she could offer to her clients as a holistic health care professional.  She became intensely interested in and formally educated on the use of high quality ingredients and essential oils to customize the cream for her clients different skin and health needs.  Over the span of nine years Stephanie has developed formulas that are appropriate for her daughter's young skin, her own maturing skin and the varied skin care needs Seasons Organigs clients. 


At Seasons we strive to deliver environmentally conscious products as well as client education. Please contact us with any questions you have about our products. 




Thank you for visiting, 

Stephanie Torba

Seasons Cream Creator

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