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Seasons Organics

Seasons Organics

POB 378292

Chicago, IL 60637-9998


If you would like to place a customized order, have any questions or wish to return a Seasons Organics product for any reason, please contact us with the email provided below.


For Returns: We will happy to give you a full refund if you have any problems with our products.  All that we ask is for you to please read the common questions people ask us before you make your decision.


We also ask for you to contact us directly if you are a first time client and would like to design your own signature blend.  


Thank You! 


Here are a few of the common questions we do get:


It looks like The Concentrate has separated as there is some oil that is sitting on top of it. Is there something wrong with it?

No, there’s nothing wrong with your cream. Generally, the cream will tend to separate more if it does at all, in the lotion light blend as there is less of the thickening/emulsifying ingredients in this blend. The buttercream blend may also separate slightly if it experiences wide room temperature changes. This is due to the lack of heavy and often irritating chemical and synthetic emulsifiers which have stronger oil to water bonding capabilites. We do not use synthetics in our products. Just give your cream a little stir or shake it a bit and it will be ready to use. Our Concentrate cream is a higher quality water in oil emulsion. This means that the oil touches the skin first as the water is suspeneded within. These are the premier creams and lotions used in Europe and also by Seasons Organics. The water in oil emulsion is very stable compared to lotions and creams created with oil in water emulsions which are pervasive on the shelves in the U.S. These inferior oil in water emulsions also require more preservatives and emulisifiers. 


Is it true that when you put your fingers in a container of our cream The Concentrate you contaminate the cream?

Is it true that if you put unwashed hands into certain products you can contaminate them. Although, the majority of the ingredients in our Sesaons Organics products are antibacterial and antifungal, we do suggest using clean fingers in our Cream Concentrate. Beeswax is one of these great protecting ingredients and is a well-known anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, and a germicidal antioxidant. Even after processing, beeswax remains a biologically active product, retaining anti-bacterial properties. The essential oils and vitamin E are also active preservatives.


I have an allergy to bee stings, should I use your creams and lotions?

People with bee allergies may need to be careful using products made with beeswax, bee pollen and other bee products as it could cause irritation.


Can I use Seasons Organics products on my child?

Yes! Our products are wholesome and great care has been taken in choosing our ingredients and any preservatives used are natural, plant based and eco-cert. Our products can most definitely can be used on children. The lavender is a wonderful choice as it has calming and healing effects and is one of the only essential oils that can be placed directly on skin (neat) without causing irritation in most people including infants.  Although, our products contain essentail oils, we do not have any where even lavender essential oil is not diluted. 


My pet ate my cream The Concentrate is this dangerous?

The Aloe Vera plant is known to be mildly toxic to some animals although, most avoid chewing on or eating aloe vera plants directly because of their astringent properties. The blend of ingredients in Season’s Organics dilutes the aloe vera considerably. We have had customers whos dog’s have eaten upto a 4 ounce jar of cream with no visible effects. Our Cream Concentrate has also been used on the dry skin of some of our clients beloved pets with great results! Yes, it is wholesome enough to eat, but it's made for skin! If you are interested in organic and health conscious products we have designed for pets, please visit  


Does my cream The Concentrate need refridgeration?

All of Seasons Organics cream The Concentrate's ingredients have natural preservative qualities insuring a long shelf life of up to eight months. If your cream separates a bit not unlike good nut butters, due to humidity or fairly large fluctuations in temperature, just give it a little mix or shake. The Concentrate does not contain sensitizing chemicals to bind the oils and waters together for extended periods of time to ensure long shelf lives for storage in hot warehouses and time spent on store shelves. The Concentrate can be kept for even longer periods of time past eight months if refridgerated or kept cool. Some of our clients do refridgerate our cream in the summer but only because they say putting it on their skin chilled is heavenly! Do not leave The Concentrate sitting in hot temperatures as this will harm it by oxidizing it's delicate oils. 




Thank you!

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