Dark Patchouli, Bergamot and Sweet Fennel

Sweet Fennel Essential Oil contains hormone-like properties which encourage the firming of the skin giving it a more youthful appearance. Fennel is a valued oil for the eyes also. It has potent oestrogenic activity which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and connective tissues. It is also widely used for it’s ability to minimize the depth of wrinkles.

Bergamot Essential Oil can help to heal skin tissue. It is especially helpful for psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, and acne problems.

Bergamot, refreshes, rejuvenates, relaxes, and also helps to relieve insomnia.

Pachouli Dark Essential Oil is a tissue regenerator and a tonic for facial capillaries or thread veins. It helps stimulate regrowth of skin cells especially when the skin is healing from roughness, cracks, sores or wounds. Note** Fine Line Blend is also an appetite suppressant when rubbed into the abdomen or the scent is inhaled.

Fine Line-Thread veins, Acne, Mature, Loose Skin

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