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Forget about exposing your delicate facial and neck skin to the aging sun.  Our bronzer gives your face that Sun-Kissed look without the side effect of premature aging and wrinkles. We also add our most popular Lavender Essential Oil for gorgeous skin and a beautiful scent.  

Our bronzer contains our fresh Seasons Cream ingredients with chemical free mica added for bronzing color.

We also give you the option to add Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) to your cream. This type of Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant which protects skin from the oxidation that is believed to cause aging. It can improve the appearance of mature skin by increasing skin elasticity and enhancing collagen production. It is also and excellent non-irritating skin whitening agent that inhibits skin cells in producing melanin leading to lightening of age spots. For those with sensitive skin magnesium ascorbyl phosphate may be irritating due to its acidic qualities but it is also considered more gentle than the traditional Vitamin C.

Sun Kissed Bronzer

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